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      Conditions for development and integration of the market economy. Printing - Advertising is one of the indispensable strategy of each enterprise in the current era. But the competition on price and quality of products is one of the essential problems of the market that customers always interested. The catch is that! We constantly raise the level of expertise, research and production improvement plans, finding suitable elements for our customers and would like to send you the high quality products with economic price reasonable.

PRO: Design Practice Advertising works: black box - Signs - ALU facade - Pano - Neon, LED, Stainless Steel Braille, Mika ... Specializing in Offset: Business Cards, Letter Title, envelopes, cover Shirts, Profile File - Printing Hiflex, PP - Printing Profile, product catalog, paper baskets, tissue boxes, boxes products, invitations, spring cards, forms, report indicated, menus, invoices, bills revenues and expenditures, bills-warehousing, receipt, receipts, stamp seals, warranty stamps, stamp paper, goods labels, product labels, paper labels, label decal, paper packaging, plastic bag, Print book covers, calendars Print content, plastic Packaging, printing paint palette, printed on magnets, cigarette lighters, Pens, rainwear, key chains, advertising material, print on any material. Supplying the gift items, promotion, advertising, stationery...

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